About Paula~Rose

So many people question authors, why they write or even how they came to be an author.  I write because God called me to. I write the Gracie books because she loves to tell me her stories. I am  a pastor's wife, and while meeting with our weekly prayer team we talked about the need to reach kids and their families. I remembered helping my husband when he was teaching a split 3rd - 4th grade Sunday school and how blessed we were after Christmas when several kids brought their neighborhood friends. They were so surprised to see Ron, my husband,  teaching that two twin boys and said, "Look! It's Barney's dad!" Since the kids in our class knew our daughters had kids, they asked him about Barney and were tickled to hear that he was our Basset Hound. From that time on both of us made it a habit to invite kids to church. Those who came brought their families and stayed. Today many families are so busy that it seems their priorities have changed. However, God hasn't changed and hopefully those who read the sweet 10-year-old Gracie & The Save a Soul Prayer Team books will find them to filled with Jesus' love and much more.