Billy Bob's Cookie Contest

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Kids and folks!

Send me a cookie recipe that’s never been published, and if I use it in Billy-Bob’s Christmas Cookie: 10-year-old Gracie & the Save a Soul Prayer Team, Book 2, your name or group name who sent that yummy cookie recipe will be in the next book! 

I have a team of cookie lovers who’ll bake and judge the cookies. I hope yours is the winner! 

Send your recipe to very soon.


Welcome from Gracie

Hi Ya'all!


I'm Gracie and this is my story. I live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley with my mama Bernice, and Miss Millie, the renter who lives with us. I sure wish she were my grandma, she's that sweet! But then, I find out in this here book that she's an honest to goodness angel! Here in Pleasant Hill, we talk a tad different saying things like ya'll, yes'm, and yes siree. Our words spoken with love warm my heart, because everyone cares about their neighbor and what's going on with one matters to all. 


In this first Fruit of the Spirit book, I want to join my mama's Save a Soul Prayer Team to thank God for all the people who came around us when my firefighter daddy died saving the town from a huge brush fire. Fact is, I've a list of wants, like having a sister, helping my sorrowful friend's daddy figure out where his family has gone and...well...stuff like that. But I heard tell God can do what I can't. 


I find out how true that is when I fall into a sinkhole and Jesus meets me there. With a smile in my heart, I'm eager to do what He asks. My faith adventure takes me from the school playground to the hospital and home. And the Lord is with me, mine, and my new sister every step of the way. Paperback Kindle 


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